Pure Fulvic


The Fulvic Solution is pure fulvic and for the first time in modern history is now extracted in commercial quantities from the earth naturally with no chemicals, acids or heat.

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Fulvic is a natural substance found across the most fertile areas of earth. It can also be derived from deposits of peat and ancient deposits of weathered lignite as well as other areas where organic matter has decomposed. Fulvic has many unique characteristics that bring benefits to assist and sustain life. This Fulvic is extracted using a proprietary process that does not use any heat or harsh chemicals which means the natural properties and minerals in this fulvic are maintained giving your body the best benefits.

May assist in enhancing assimilation of Vitamins and nutrients

May assist with microbial breakdown of pollutants

Fulvic interacts with trace elements by mobilising vitamins, minerals and other nutrients and delivering them to the living cells within organisms. Fulvic also facilitates both basic and complex biological processes necessary for health and vitality.

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