I’ve received the products I ordered from your website and have been using the Greens and Phruits and Pholiage together in 1 litre of filtered water with 8 drops of PH plasma drops. I’m taking in 2.5 L of green drink and 1.5 L of filtered pH water daily. Didn’t think I’d be able to do more than 2 L per day, but amazing how easy it’s been to get up to 4L of fluid. Noticing a definite increase in energy and Blood Sugar levels have dropped. I’ve even seen blood glucose levels in the high 4’s and low 5’s over the last few days. Haven’t seen those since I was “diagnosed” as diabetic. Through exercise and good eating I’ve kept my blood glucose levels between 6 and 10, but have wanted to be back to non-diabetic ranges of 4-7 and not been able to do that. And of course the big win for me is if I can see the cholesterol under control, because that I’ve really battled with.

I’ve also read the pH Miracle for Diabetes (got through it in 2 days) and will commence the Liquid Feast next week. Have had to plan a bit with work schedule, commitments, handy bathroom facilities etc to be able to do this Liquid Feast.


Wendy A

Paul. W. Eccles

Hi Phil

Thought I would drop you a quick line on my progress so far.

Four months ago now I have been into the Young program and what a remarkable turnaround I have noticed within myself.

Back pain which I’ve had since a teenager, (I turned 59 three months ago) recurrent liver pain, lethargy, eczema, (which constantly flared up for the past 8 years) weight fluctuations and a host of other health conditions, all negligible now in such a short time.

Amazing what an alkaline diet and the right supplements can do for your health and lifestyle compared to the, I know now acidic “diet” I had for so long. Looking enthusiastically forward to my next blood analysis in 2 months to see what I was to what I am. Thank you for your direction and knowledge.

Paul. W. Eccles.


My results have been so convincing that our dog is also getting the benefit of this. Have started her on m.s.m, wheatgrass. Montmorillonite clay and vegetables, with more to fit inline with the alkaline lifestyle. The results are noticeable in her too.

Thanks again Phil.


Hi Phil,

Just an email letting you know that everything has been going well.

Almost all the symptoms of my chronic fatigue syndrome have gone, still feel a bit fatigued some days but that mite be only one day in about 2 weeks instead of every day of every week like it used to be. All the pains in my muscles around my chest and bowels have basically disappeared. It just feels good to be able to do all the things I used to be able to do again. I have also been able to go back to doing some part time work, about 5 hours a day which is great.

Had a bit of a setback a few months ago when I broke my wrist playing footy but I made a pretty speedy recovery and now ready to go back to work again.

The diet has been going well, was a bit hard to adjust at first but now it is easy to follow the diet strictly, and have now even got my mum trying it.

I would just like to thank you so much for your help, it means a lot.



Margaret Houston

Hi Phil,

Just a quick email to let you know that I am going quite well with the change of foods and naturally my daughter Sarah is doing the same. We have been consuming all acid free foods (as far as I know going by the food chart) now for the last two & half weeks.

It’s amazing the benefits in such a short time, mind you, I had the flu like symptoms during the first week but without the sore throat, just a husky voice & bit of a blocked nose (Detox symptoms I think).

Sarah no longer has her headaches, funny heads or irritable bowel symptoms. I no longer have to be taking my Emu oil for joint and arthritic pain as I am pain free. We both feel more energetic and have naturally seen some weight loss.

Thank you so very much for the wonderful screening. Maybe there will be more positives as time goes on!

Thankyou again.


Thanks again, I am still in a state of euphoria over my last live blood cell analysis and cannot believe that I have results so soon. I really appreciate your sincerity, passion for your profession and help. Without you I would not have been on the right path so thankyou again for opening my eyes to the path to healing and good health.

Kind regards, Michelle

Harry Poulton

My Journey with Constipation- PHlush it Works!

I have suffered from quite severe constipation for around two decades. I will spare you the details. I have used a number of mainstream strategies including bloating myself with copious amounts of fiber and using other over the counter pharmaceuticals. Everything failed and I endured a great deal of pain during elimination.

I met Phil Burton and discussed this problem with him and he suggested I use Dr. Robert Young’s PHlush. I purchased this product and took it to my doctors surgery to get a medical evaluation of the product. My doctor is quite cautious, conservation and critical of alternative medicine. I sought my doctors advice specifically about possible dangers, side effects and his opinion about the products efficacy.

My doctor went to Dr. Robert Young’s site and analyzed the product. My doctor told me that the core ingredient in PHlush is Magnesium Oxide which he said was found in a lot of vitamins and was harmless. He told me there was nothing in the product which could hurt me. One of the herbs in PHlush is Slippery Elm which my doctor said is beneficial in dealing with constipation. In a word my doctor said PHlush is made from harmless ingredients.

I began using Phlush on a regular basis with miraculous outcomes. PHlush has given me incredible control over the consistency and regularity of my bowel movements. I regulate my eliminations by the amount of PHlush I use. I now have regular, painless bowl movements. The product has been miraculous and has alleviated a tremendous amount of discomfort for me.

I am not a medical authority and naturally I encourage those who want to use this product to consult their doctor as I did. I can thoroughly recommend PHlush from my own personal experience.

Harry Poulton Castlemaine Victoria