Some answers to common questions are below. If you dont find the answer to your question please contact us.

Can the blood Microscopy be done if I live outside of Victoria?

Phil Burton travels to Sydney when enough clients are requesting appointments to be done. He is also available to travel to other locations but a minimum of 12 people are needed. Many people fly to Melbourne to have the blood Microscopy done. If you live outside of Victoria or overseas we may be able to put you in contact with a blood Microscopist in your area.

People often ask if they can post their blood to us to check?

The simple answer is no. Specific techniques are used to obtain the sample correctly and the live blood needs to be looked at within the first two hours of extraction.

How much is Postage?

Postage will be calculated during checkout. Postage is free on orders over $100 excluding the following bulky items: Rebounders, Water filters, Juice Extractors/Blenders.

What products should I take?

The following acronym describes four essential products

C-Chlorophyll either liquid Chlorophyll or a good greens powder

O-Oils hemp oil is one of the best! Find it under the personal care category

W-Water (alkaline) either alkaline plasma drops or a water ioniser

S-Salts natural sea salt is important but one of the fastest ways of alkalising the body is by using the pHour salts

Many other products are important and some of them target specific problems.

Phlush powder- this product is great for relieving constipation

clay or zeolite- these products are great for detoxing heavy metals and other toxins from the body.

L-Arginine max- this product is great for circulation and contains 5000iu of vitamin D which many people are lacking; it also contains magnesium for strengthening bones Q10 and B vitamins for energy and much more!

Drinking too much water? Is it possible?

short answer- you can drink too much water but only if you’re not having salt with it.

Long answer- Fact 1 your body is when born up to 90% water, during most of our lives 70% water and close to death 50% water, so we dry out and shrivel up as we get older.

Fact 2 the blood is around 92% water

So obviously water is very important but we want clean water without fluoride and chlorine etc. I believe most people need around 2 litres a day (depending on size) and more on hot days and during a short detoxing protocol. I had one of my clients that was overweight (she was about 138kg) and I had her drinking between 8-10 litres of water per day for a number of weeks with no negative side effects. We reduced this amount as she lost weight. I had her add 1/4 tsp of sea salt to each litre of water.

by the way most fruits and vegetables are 70% or more water with minerals including sodium and potassium.

So the problem with drinking too much water without salt is due to diluting sodium levels in the blood and the problem is exacerbated if sweating heavily.

to explain what happens as basically as I can- the body uses salt to produce sodium bicarbonate in order to maintain an alkaline pH of blood at 7.365

if we drink lots of water we can wash some of the salts out of the body and if we do heavy exercise we sweat out salts; this dilutes the pH of the blood and heavy exercise creates lactic acid which further strains our alkaline buffering system. If the pH falls to 7.2 this is low enough to cause someone to go into a coma and possibly die. Below seven we go to heaven!

A real world example is people walking the kokoda track and dying when they may be fit and healthy and only 20 years old. So they are exercising heavily and sweating a lot in the humid conditions, therefore drinking a lot (often 8-10 litres) this leads to the salt being sweated and washed out and the person experiences acidosis, goes into a coma and possibly dies. If this person was adding some salt to each litre of water they should stay perfectly healthy with no issues. A note on sports drinks- the sodium and potassium in them is beneficial; but they are just like drinking soft drinks but without the fizz -they are very acidic. The best alternative to sports drinks is to add some Himalayan salt to your water during exercise (or saunas) and/or drinks that naturally contain electrolytes(salts) such as coconut water or vegetable juices. I hope this makes sense but let me know if you need any clarification.