Mission Statement

Our goal is to support as many people as possible to increase their level of health or improve/eliminate illness. This web site contains health information that is new to most people and offers an alternative to allopathic treatment.

Alkaline Health Shop Website

When it comes to understanding an alkaline diet & lifestyle the level of awareness is rising which will help those that become involved. I have personally tested the blood of thousands of people over the past 10 years and have seen remarkable results with many of my clients ranging from weight loss to cancer reversal. I believe that all sickness & disease is a result of an acidic diet and lifestyle (Food, drinks, thoughts, actions, words, emotions, exercise etc) I see the information I teach not only as an alkaline diet; but  a new way of eating, living and thinking. All the information is available to you it just needs to be acted upon. On the this Website you will find:

  • A free pH test
  • Quality Alkaline supplements & health products
  • Blood Testing
  • Coaching
  • Resources such as books, DVD articles & recipes
  • If you have any questions please contact us