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  • The greatest care has been taken to create this premium enema coffee.
  • We take the freshest organic Arabica coffee beans and roast them to the correct amount to maintain high levels of caffeine and palmitic acids for effective enemas.
  • Not over-roasting our beans stops the formation of harmful acrylamides that tend to occur in the dark roasted coffee beans.
  • When the roasting and grinding is complete we ensure to quickly package this product (within minutes) in silver lined bags to maintain freshness.
  • Our bags are fitted with a one way valve which allows gasses to escape whilst preventing oxygen from entering the bag and have a re-sealable zip lock.
  • Instructions are included.
  • Ingredients: 100% Certified Organic Coffee

Benefits of Coffee Enemas

  1. Enhanced Toxin Elimination: Coffee enemas are renowned for their ability to boost the elimination of toxins through the liver. Studies using endoscopy have shown an increase in bile output shortly after administering a coffee enema. This heightened bile flow not only aids in toxin removal but also helps alkalize the small intestine, thus promoting better digestion.
  2. Cleansing Action: Coffee possesses astringent properties that aid in cleaning the walls of the large intestine. By doing so, it helps eliminate built-up waste and toxins that contribute to various health issues. Proper digestion is crucial, as undigested food can ferment and putrefy, leading to the production of harmful chemicals that are then absorbed into the liver.
  3. Stimulation of Bile Flow: One of the key benefits of coffee enemas is their ability to stimulate bile flow, thereby enhancing digestion and preventing the absorption of toxins in the large intestine. Given that many individuals with health concerns suffer from impaired digestion and the accumulation of toxic substances in the intestines, this stimulation of bile flow can be particularly beneficial.
  4. Liver Stimulation: Coffee enemas are especially beneficial for individuals with sluggish liver activity, often referred to as slow oxidizers. These individuals typically experience impaired digestion, making the stimulation of the liver through coffee enemas highly advantageous. It’s worth noting that fast oxidizers may find it more challenging to retain the enema due to their unique metabolic characteristics.
  5. Our liver, naturally tasked with detoxification, struggles in our toxin-laden world. Over 60,000 synthetic chemicals annually burden its function, with nearly 1000 more compounds added yearly. This onslaught leads to toxin accumulation, risking liver damage and a range of health issues from fatigue to enemas emerge as a crucial detox tool. Unlike standard enemas, which primarily relieve constipation, coffee enemas focus on fortifying and cleansing the liver. By infusing filtered water and organic coffee into the sigmoid colon, near the rectum, toxins are targeted directly. Coffee’s compounds, including alkaloids and palmitates, boost liver function, aiding in toxin elimination and cellular health.Dr. Peter Lechner, an Austrian oncologist, recognizes the therapeutic benefits of coffee enemas, particularly in post-surgery care. While pharmaceutical options pose complexities and leave behind toxic residues, coffee enemas offer a practical and safe detox solution. They not only rid the body of toxins but also provide protection against harmful agents. For full instructions and precautions click here-

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