Alkaline Plasma Drops


Plasma pH Drops are a unique combination of the most alkaline minerals and compounds.

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AlkaVision Plasma pH Drops™ are the strongest pH drops on the market. Compare all other brands before you buy. Just 10 drops per litre infused with Vital Force Energy™ developed by a Russian quantum physicist raise water to the pH of 10!

Plasma pH Drops are a unique combination of the most alkaline minerals and compounds. This product is one of a kind due to its strength and effectiveness. Using Plasma pH is one of the best ways to make your water alkaline while neutralising acids in the body.

Following decades of research Dr. Kronn developed plasma-based computerized equipment using a low intensity alternating magnetic field for generating bio-energy. It contains a unit where bio-energies are separated from the electro-magnetic field so that the output of the generator does not emit any electro-magnetic energy, only bio-energy. This technology harnesses specific formulations of bio-energy and infuses them into “substance-carriers” that dramatically enhance the treated substance’s bioactivity. Dr. Kronn calls this invention Vital Force™ Technology.


Ingredients Potassium carbonate, Potassium hydroxide, sodium carbonate, bio-energy of cesium and oxygen.
Serving size 10 drops
Servings per bottle 110 (59.14ml)
Suggested use 10 drops per litre 2-3 times per day away from meals


Please note: Initially 10 plasma drops per litre of water may be too strong for some people and they may need to start on a smaller quantity of 5 drops per litre working up to 10 drops per litre. Alkalising the body too quickly can cause detoxifying symptoms such as cold or flu like symptoms as acids are washed from the body too quickly overwhelming the body’s elimination systems. If you wish to test the pH of these drops you will need a water test kit as the pH paper is designed for saliva and urine and gives inaccurate results for water. Our water test kits are available below.

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